Street view of Apostolic Ministries Hanover PA

About Us

Apostolic Ministries is a church modeled after the ministry of the Apostles in the Biblical book of Acts. Our church actively preaches the gospel, carries out the Great Commission and experiences the demonstration of the spirit as described in the book of Acts.

Our Pastor preaches the word of God, declaring God's plan of salvation and the importance of applying Biblical principles to daily living, setting a standard of Christian distinction in our culture and equipping believers to carry out the Great Commission.

Our Members are encouraged to reach out to their friends, family, and community, demonstrating the love of God in every day acts of kindness and generosity, and to look for opportunities to pray with people, share their own testimony of God's work in their life and study the Bible together.

our church has been part of the community since 1989 when Pastor Hammonds and his wife Sharon started Apostolic Ministries in a room rented at the North Hanover YMCA. Many people throughout our community have experienced physical healing, Biblical salvation and a renewed hope through the power of God. We give thanks to God for his great love and grace!

We have a variety of ministries and ways you can be involved in helping us carry out the Great Commission. Please contact us for more information.